This page is a listing of Project WAM members' characters in the games we play.

James E. Rooks Jr. Edit

Jeff Douglas Edit

Atlantica Online Edit

Paul Clark Edit

Atlantica Online Edit

Tyler Malo Edit

Runes of Magic Edit

Race: Dwarf
Class: Champion
Primary Craft: Wood-Cutting
Secondary Craft: Herbalism
Guild: None
Testing Testing one two three

PSDuckie Edit

Allods Online Edit

Character Race Class
Psducckie Arisen Savant

ArcheAge Edit

Character Race 1st Skillset 2nd Skillset 3rd Skillset
Psduckie Elf Sorcery Witchcraft Vitalism
Quackatk Nuian Occultism

Atlantica Online Edit

Character Class
Psduckie Staff Main

Florensia Edit

Character Class
Psduckie Noble
Psducckie Noble

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